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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  April 2, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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senator bob menendez indicted by federal grand jury for alleged misuse of power. he's expected in court today and plans to come out swinging. >> plus, an armed robber terrorizing local businesses shoving a gun in employees faces and demanding cash. the new clue that could help police track him down. >> and let's take live look at market street here in old city. you want to get outside today. sue's tracking mild temperatures, but there is a little rain on the way. >> and a local church ripped off. why police believe the suspect hid out long after everyone else had gone home for the night. >> good day everybody, it is thursday april 20 -- second,
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2015. >> we've been waiting for bit of warm up, in temperatures, and for temperatures to maybe get above average it looks like today will be the day. but not yet. we're still in the 30's, so we needed a coat when we walked out the door this morning. some of us. 3-mile per hour winds at least don't have a windchill. sunrise is official at 6:44 on this holy thursday morning for some. we do have clear skies high pressure will be in control all day it looks like, an excellent weather day for us. what we are watching is this cold front way out in the midwest it will take the rest of the day to get across to pennsylvania, and eventually, delaware, and new jersey, and start spreading some raindrops into this area after midnight tonight. so enjoy the dry weather while it is here. our high temperature today ready, 65 degrees, and not quite as cold tonight, with a low of 55. more details coming up in the seven day forecast, happy thursday bob kelly.
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>> back at you happy thursday to you 4:01, we make it 4:02 exactly on this thursday morning. jammo on 95. as promised the overnight construction still with us down to one lane here on the southbound side heading in toward center city philadelphia. the crews have been working overnight both north and southbound, in a area of girard avenue. so right now, it is light volume. there is a little back up, just right here, headed into the construction zone. but give yourselves extra time if you are headed out on this early hour. downtown we go, live look at the vine street expressway. lauren, you're in charge of paying the bills here this week it looks like they didn't get the check? the overhead street lamps are out here on the vine street expressway okay? >> it is in the mail. >> did you put a stamp on it? >> did i. >> proper postage? >> i think so. >> we have to hit the reset button. otherwise pretty good shape. shuttle buses this morning actually all this week between 80 anno nonillion and
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eastwick, so few extra minute out of there. headed to philadelphia international airport, work stoppage scheduled for today. i know more details on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. but pack your patients, allow some extra time if you are headed down to the airport this morning. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much. developing this morning firefighters are attack ago lackawanna street house fire just before 1:00 this morning crews got the call had the rowhouse flames under control in just about 30 minutes. as of now there are no reported injuries. we do noah cat and dog found inside the home was taken to penn veterinary. no word on how the two story house fire was started. woman surprises a suspect who had just entered her olney home. police say she heard a knock at the back door, came face-to-face with an armed man, in a ski mask. he fled the scene just after midnight without taking anything. no one was hurt. a man is recovering after being shot in philadelphia's olney section overnight. the man was injured in his thigh. the shooting happened around 11:30 near washington lane and
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mansfield. no word on the man's condition or an arrest. new jersey senator bob menendez is set to appear in a federal courtroom in newark today on corruption charge. he is accused of excepting nearly 1 million in gifts and campaign contributions from florida doctor in exchange for political favors. fox 29's steve keeley live outside menendez office to explain more. >> down here in barrington along the white horse pike, where good hard working middle class people live, probably could never even dream of affording some of the trips that menendez got for free. according to this indictment. while much of the corruption case against menendez was known, there are some startling new revelations in it. his friend, who doesn't even live here in new jersey, but menendez and his staff really frequently went out of their way to do lot of favors for stayed at five star luxury paris hotel at a cost of 1500 bucks a night where menendez emailed his friend asking him to put it on the doctor's
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american express card, and even though therefore romantic rendezvous with a lady friends of menendez, indict said he still asked spore special official rate for his stay at the hotel, three nights, $4,934.10. and that did not even report it or many of the other gift and other trips he took as he's required to do on ethics forms. still he said last night he didn't do anything wrong. it is the democratic-led justice department, his own party, he said, that's wrong in this case. >> i'm outraged that prosecutors at the justice department were tricked into starting this investigation three years ago with false allegations by those who have a political motive to silence me. but i will not be silenced. i'm confident at the end of the day i will be vindicated and they will be exposed. >> in this country you are innocent until proven guilty.
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that's why it is the greatest country in the world. so claims of wrong-doing are handled through adjust tis system. so i don't think anybody should pre judge anything. you know, the guy is a us senator, has done a lot very good work for this country and the state. so let the process take its place. >> while menendez not resigning but did step down from his powerful position as the minority leader on the senate foreign relations committee, which is very busy right now with the iran thing and menendez has been against the president on that wondering if he is getting political backlash. this indictment, 14 federal charges, 68 pages detailing hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper gift close to million bucks in campaign contributions that the prosecution says is flat-out bribery for selling his office, and he's also charged with lying to the federal investigators who were asking him about it, well, he will turn himself in up at the federal courthouse in ooh arc this morning that will be
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some scene as well. one thing he has going for him, just re-elect today six year term, not like the voters of new jersey will get their say to act as a judge and jury in this case when it comes whether he should stay in office right now. it will be up to a real jury, and then if convicted well then he can still fight. they had to expel harrison williams the last us senator found guilty of any criminal charges while in office, here in new jersey, and that was back during and scan, people still remember that here in south jersey for sure. >> steve, see how it all plays out, thanks so much. wells fargo hoping judge will approve of selling the former casino to florida developer for $82 million today. they say they have already spent over $60 million in the bankruptcy case. former business tenants insist new bidders are interesting wells fargo says there are no other serious bids. revel cost over $2 billion to bid. it was unable to turn a profit and close in september. in delaware county police looking forearmed robber targeted three chinese
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restaurants, concerned the incidents could escalate if this guy is not taken off the streets. fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside upper darby police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. hi jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, that's right police want this guy off the streets and fast. as you mentioned, he is want in the connection with at least three chinese restaurant robberies just in the last several days. something that is working in the police department's favor he's been caught on camera each time. you think you know this guy? police say he uses the same routine for each robbery the man asks for a soda, puts money on the counter, as soon as the cashier opens the register he pulls out a gun and demands money. police say he hides his face and wears gloves. so far he's accused of holding up the beijing chinese restaurant on marshall road, another restaurant around the confrere that, tuesday allegedly hit chinese food restaurant 69th street. each time terrorizing the employees inside. >> he just walks inside the door, he takes out a gun and
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says give me money. that's it. and scarred, hiding, when they do it, you know, open the register for him and just -- >> my concern is that these robberies, fortunately nobody's re sills dollars, so nobody's been hurt. money out the door, which is good. the bad part is this is number three. they escalate. and somebody could get hurt. and i don't want to see some poor store owner get shot and killed because this bumm hasn't been caught. >> and police say the robber has been seen driving a blue car. he's also seems very relaxed committing these crimes. they don't know if he realizes he's caught on tape each time. regardless call upper darby police if you have any everything that you think could help make an arrest in this case. >> police arrested the man they say pulled knife on septa bus driver last month. we showed this video earlier this week, john mcmillan faces
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assault charges they say mcmillan turned himself into east detective after seeing himself on the news. philadelphia's district attorney has approved charges against a teenager, wanted for knocking out a man on a septa train earlier this week. investigators say the 16 year old was identified after tipsters saw the surveillance video. authority tell fox 29 the boy is making arrangements with his parents and an attorney to turn i have self over to police. >> this morning, lower moreland police, murder suicide, chain saw wounds covered the bodies of 48 year old chris pep he willman and 43 year old wife nicole. investigators say the husband killed his wife, then himself but say they are unclear as to why. sources close to the family say the couple had marital troubles and were separated. >> it is tremendous sadness because both of the couple, and as a couple, friends in the congregation, people that had them over at their house. >> the coroner says nicole was
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also stabbed multiple times and choked. investigators say it was the couple's 14 year old son who discovered both bodies. police are looking for a man caught on surveillance camera stealing from a new jersey church. >> this happened at the st. joan of arc roman catholic church in evesham township. evesham police identified the suspect as 21 year old steven holeup of berlin. officials believe he hid out at the church at the end of the night after everyone left after church service. managed to break into the safe steel $900 worth of food, gift cards, and those are things that they're giving out as far as the food program. >> found himself into the room and the safe which was lock that we have. so somehow he got into the safe. now, that's the puzzle and the mystery for all of us. >> police have issued an arrest warrant. if you see him you are asked to call police. >> 4:11 this morning. coming up: historic drought in california showing no signs of letting up. so state officials are taking matters into their own hands the new rules they are impose
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to go preserve water. and let's head back outside. warm weather is on the way. we'll take that, and sue will be back with another look at your forecast after this break.
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it is 4:14 this thursday morning, 38 degrees, and you can see off in the distance,
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barely, little blue lighting up the sky. it is autism awareness day. the city has the lights in blue. sue serio we forgot to wear blue this morning. >> absolutely. but it is a good way to make sure everybody is aware. i didn't put my show in play. so if you could make little trip around the corner, so inside baseball there we put together our different graphics, that you see like this one that has the winds that aren't a big deal this morning. and then we make little slide show out of it, and show it to you every day. isn't that fun? ultimate doppler radar shows nothing. we don't have anything right now. what we're watching, thank you, di is the cold front out in the midwest. and you can see, some thunderstorms associated with it. it will maurice ward over the balance of the day today and arrive probably by about midnight tonight. future cast shows that by
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tomorrow morning, at this time we're going to be needing our umbrellas. and reminding you to bring yours. and we'll have a period of rain maybe few heavy downpours, little break in the action maybe 9:00, 10:00. then by about 2:00 in the afternoon the rain comes back, rounds two and this one could include some heavy downpours maybe pop up thunderstorm or two, it is spring time, that's what's going to happen when the rain moves n in the middle of the night maybe between 10:00 and midnight, when the heaviest rain moves through it tapers off then enjoy the rest of the your weekend and the outdoor activities, maybe some easter egg hunts around saturday, should be okay. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia, it is still cold, cold start to the day but you will like the finish to the day. 25 degrees in mount pocono, 27 in allentown, 29 in pottstown 30 in mill individual, 37 degrees in dover. as we showed you earlier the winds are calm to about three, 5 miles an hour, not a big
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deal. at least we don't have a windchill. yesterday on our cool wednesday, it got to up 56 degrees. average hi, 59. still needed the coat. still nip in the air. 65 degrees is the high today. and look, we're into double digits. we gave it a ten. >> wow. >> with temperatures above average and plenty of sunshine. >> hold on, get the cow bell. >> i'll say it again, it is a ten! >> cow bell, there go. >> now, tomorrow is 70 degrees hi, but we'll have showers thunderstorms, as we just showed you. then eggsciting on easter. 60 degrees. >> 4:17, live look at i-95, where the crews are still out here working southbound, you see the city skyline there in the background, so if you are headed into center city, everybody pushed over into that one lane on the right
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side here, as you work your way into the girard avenue construction zone, again the overnight crews between girard and cottman avenue, still out there they usually pack it up at around 5:00, 5:30 so curbside on the freeway, coming in, headlights headed in toward philadelphia. light volume so far. route 36 trolley using shuttle buses through the end of the week, with construction project. schuylkill expressway, little bit of brake tap coming around the conshy curve, just slow go, there is disable that's actually off to the shoulder some flares out there as soon as you come around the curve causing that slow down. here is the deal for the airport. there is a work stoppage that's planned today by the baggage handlers that work out of terminals b and c departure side. so headed down to the airport today, hopefully it won't cause any problems for your flights, but just allow some extra time. just be aware that -- i know that lawyer len head down to the airport little later this morning, check things out see waist going on. the bridges at the moment,
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burlington, walt whitman commodore barry all looking good, no problems at the moment. and if you are coming in from the suburbs like route 30, 202, 422 again nice and quiet sofas we begin our thursday morning. lauren, back over to you. >> all right bob. though the deadline for negotiations was tuesday secretary of state john kerry is expected to remain in switzer land, to continue iran nuclear talks. iran the united states and five other world leaders have passed the march 31st target date. the goal is to reach an agreement on capping tehran's nuclear program. >> troubled millionaire robert durst is due back in court today on weapon charges in new orleans. police say they found 38 revolver and pot in his hotel room after arrest last month. but durst areas attorneys says his hotel room was searched illegally making the charges invalid. legal team still waiting to take him to california charged in the 15 year old murder case every his friend, durst was the subject of the hbo documentary series the jinx. california governor jerry brown ordered mandatory water
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restrictions, first time in history, as the straight grapples with serious doubt. executive order will have huge impact affecting residents business owners and even farmers. >> as californians we have to put topping -- pull together. save water. >> for the first time ever california imposing plan did a dorey water restrictions, this as the state grapples with the historic drought. governor jerry brownish ewing the executive order wednesday using a location in the sierra nevada mountains to illustrate the dire situation. >> one thing we know is we're standing on dry grass and we should be standing in 5 feet of snow. that's the way it has been. >> as part of the order the governor demanding cities and towns across the state cut water usage by 25%. the move will impact residents, businesses, farmers, and other users, such as college campuses, and golf courses. governor brown acknowledging the sacrifices people will have to make. >> people should realize we're
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in a new era. the idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day that can be a thing of the past. and we're not going to change everything overnight. >> the governor says it will take few weeks to fully implement the new restrictions, some california cities already have tools in place to track water usage n san diego the city's water app allows those to report those who waste water. spec more people to use it in the wake of the new rules. >> to make sure that we have plenty of eyes and ears out there in the public helping us to see if there are violations. >> in addition to the restrictions governor brown is also calling for investment in new water saving technology. as well as the replacement of 50 million square feet of lawns with drought tolerant landscaping. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> preliminary approval to new version of religious objections bill, governor asa hutchinson initially said woe
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sign it, but then request the change after they call it anti-gay t bans state and local government from infringing on someone's religious belief without a compelling interest. the house will vote on it today. coming up: police are gearing up for the final four add indianapolis, where demonstrations are expected over the state's religious freedom law. how they plan to deal with those protesters.
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>> phillies have one more game before they come home from florida there is some concern however, with reliever ken giles. he has back strain. he is day-to-day. may not be ready for the opener monday. cole hamels however had final outing yesterday before he starts the opener monday. to clearwater florida, all right, and chase utley didn't claim much in the spring with a ankle injury. but had two homeruns yesterday, four homeruns in the last two games and cole hamels, six innings, two runs, two strikeouts, he said he's ready, the phillies win it nine-two over atlanta the flyers playing out to pit burying. they actually played tough game. tide one-one after crosby goal. look scores. flyers go onto win t where was this all season? beat pit burying four to one. the sixers look like they thought the season was over. to washington last night. the six remembers just flat out brutal defense? sixers down by 29 in the second half. only lose by 13, 106-93.
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it was brutal. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. indianapolis beefing up secure any anticipation of the final four this weekend thousands of fans are expected in the city, for the men's basketball tournament. but police are also preparing for large groups of protesters expected to gather outside the stadium. the demonstrations stemming from backlash over indianna's religious freedom act. police say they'll have undercover officers, as well as uniformed officers, patrolling the area. >> coming up: mcdonald's is giving its employees a raise not everyone is loving it. we'll explain. >> and, new jersey senator robert menendez expected in court today to face corruption charges, what he is accused of doing while in office.
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>> new jersey senator robert menendez alleged abuse of power he is accused of. police police looking for the man behind three recent hold-ups hear from store employees who came face-to-face with the armed robber. and only on fox this morning teenager with autism beaten up not once, but twice in two days. how police say the two attacks are connected. >> good day everyone, it is thursday april 2nd, 2015. speaking of autism, sue serio today is autism awareness day. lots of peep recognizing it with the color blue. >> and you'll see that on
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buildings on our skyline. we will show you eventually, 4:29 almost 4:30. welcome to our show. still cold out there 38 degrees. two's in some of the suburbs. the good news is and the best thing we can tell you is it will warm up with temperatures higher than yesterday. so just 3-mile per hour wind right now. winds will be picking up later on 6:44, your sunrise time. nothing in the way of precipitation at the moment. there is your cold front that will come through tomorrow. so we have dry day ahead. you will not want to forget your shades today. plenty of sunshine on the way. as we said, the breezes will pick up. we may see wind gusts this afternoon of about 30 miles an hour at times. but it shun mar your enjoyment of the day six after degrees. we would say at this time of year, second day of april that's just about perfect. sunset, 7:26. so there is your weather authority forecast for thursday. holiday weekend just about
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here. it is for a lot of folks who have off of school now through maybe sunday or monday. we'll have the forecast for all of that coming up in just a few minutes. hey, bob? >> i know all about that, being off from school. >> they're home. >> yes anyone looking for some company during the dayy? be more than happy few kids to rent out for the day. live look at the talcony palmyra bridge. nice and quiet coming across the span, in problems at all getting ready to head out the front door there. construction, both directions on i-95. here is live look from center city. there is a crew working northbound between center city and girard avenue. another crew working southbound approaching girard into center city. bottom lane the cone sewn into and out of center city down to one lane until about 5:00, 5:30 or so in that construction zone of girard avenue. they are also working on the pennsylvania turnpike, we go for ride here westbound between willow grove and virginia drive. work crew again, they are
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usually out of there by about 5:30 or so. 6:00 a.m. strike plan for philly international. here is the deal. at around 6:00 the baggage handlers and the wheelchair attendants are set to go on strike mainly centered around terminals b and c in the departure area. >> this may not affect you at all. just throwing it out there there will be some activity down there at the airport. do give yourself extra time. pack your patience, against terminals b and c where that strike will be centered around there at philadelphia international airport. otherwise, route 36 the trolleys using buses this morning between 80th and eastwick over to 73rd and elmwood. as i mention talcony looking good. rest of the bridges in fine shape. no delays on mass transit. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much. happening today, new jersey senator bob menendez is set to appear in federal courtroom in newark to answer to corruption charges, accused of excepting nearly $1 million in gifts and campaign contribution frost long time friend in exchange
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for pom call favors. a federal grand jury indictment says the new jersey democrat used his power in the senate to benefit doctor salmon melgin, wealthy doctor. vowing to fight the charges saying he did nothing wrong. >> in delaware county police are looking forearmed rob here targeted three chinese restaurants, and they are concerned these incidents could escalate if this guy is not taken off the street. fox 29's jennifer joyce leaf outside headquarters with the latest on this investigation. >> good morning, as you said, he is want in the connection with at least three robberies of chinese food restaurant, this happened since mid-march. and the latest happened on tuesday night. something that's working in the police department's favor is the fact that he has been caught on tape. do you know this guy? police say in just couple of weeks, he's robbed again three chinese restaurants, two hits have happened late night after 11:30 the other happened after 9:30, according to police. investigators also say the man uses his same routine for each
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robbery, at first pretends he is a customer when the register opens he pulls out the gun and demand money. police say he's trying to cover his identity by masking his face. he is trying cover his tracks by wearing gloves. he knows what he is doing. and his victims are terrified. >> he said i i want a drink you know? he puts 20-dollar bills and okay so, we open register and then try to get change. he take all the you you know, pour money inside. >> you can see that he really, really goes to extraordinary efforts to hide his face. he wears gloves. soap this guy has been around. he knows the game. >> he knows the game. police say the robber has been seen in a blue car. here is a look at the vehicle which was park along the 69 street athletic association on tuesday night when police say he committed that third robbery. he's also seemed very relaxed committees these crimes.
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at this point police don't know if he realizes he was caught on tape. police are hoping that all of the evidence that they've gathered so far will help them put the pieces together, and get this guy off the street. lauren? >> let's hope so, jenny joyce thank you so much. authorities have identified two people killed in the chester county plane crash last weekend. sixty-seven year old richard pots of west chester and 64 year old joseph deal of drexel hill, were aboard the plane when it went down sunday afternoon. officials say it looks like the pilot lost control of the aircraft, just before it crashed about 2 miles from brandywine airport. the faa and the ntsb, are investigate the crash. a missing new jersey teenager has been found safe, state police say 17 year old rachael lynn manso found unharmed in florida now with the fbi. manso last seen in her pottsgrove home sunday night. her friends had told police she was texting with a unidentified man and may have left to try to meet him. >> firefighters were able to control a series of brush fires burning in middlesex county yesterday. the fire consume about
4:36 am
75 acres in edison, new jersey along with some road equipment. one abandoned structure was damaged. officials not sure how it started, but they are investigating. a freight ship that ran aground in the delaware river yesterday is floating again. the 600-foot liberian flag carriers bulk carrier, was headed south when it lost propulsion near the burlington bristol bridge. the coast guard responded and was able to free t they are now investigating. no one was hurt. coming up: teenage here said a transplant would help him stay out of trouble killed during a police chase. what he was caught doing moments before the crash. but first, a local developer says he has the key to turn around atlantic city. his plan to transform the shore town.
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4:39. sue serio says it will be a ten. good day to head outside. she'll tell you more about it in her forecast. philadelphia developer promising newly re-done waterfront will be the top city's tourist attraction. the former peer shops at ceasar's into a news i can theme entertainment center called the playground. it first flyer will be modelled on nashville music row, beil street in memphis and sixth street in austin. all told, there will be 14
4:40 am
music venues along with beachfront concert venue bowling alley, a pool, shops sports bar and private rental space. he said it is guaranteed. >> this place can't fail. it won't fail. i don't want to sound boisterous, but i have never failed in my career. i've never not pick an area that was going to turn around. >> ♪ ♪ >> heard that. he says the first phase of the project should be ready by fourth of july weekends with the rest ready around christmas. says the redevelopment will add 500 new jobs. mayor don guardian said the development is part of his city's ongoing transformation. more people could soon get the help of medical marijuana in new jersey, the state now considering expanding its medical marijuana programs, panel of experts will come up with the recommendations, but some experts say if chronic pain alone is added to the
4:41 am
conditions that qualify 100,000 more people may be eligible. 800 pounds of pot sold over the past two years for medical use in new jersey. coming up: nearly dozen teachers atlanta found guilty in a massive cheating scandal. what they were promise in the exchange forgetting test scores up. but first, a story you'll see only on fox, a burlington county teenager beaten twice in just two days by two different suspects. now he's speaking out. hear what he has to say about the incident.
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>> awe tick 16 year old palmyra boy suffers two brutal attacks in two days, first came walking home from the store last thursday, the boy says he was punched in the face twice when another teen tried to rob him. >> punch him in the face. asked him for money. he said he didn't have none. he funds. him again. then took off. he's got to have surgery now. he's got a broken nose and deviated septum. that's not fair. >> police caught the suspect who is now in jail. the teenager was attack again inside his high school. the boy says it was because he turned his attacker into police the day before. the family didn't want to show their faces on tv for fear of retaliation. all right, sue serio, it is going to be a ten today. that's always good news. >> you know, why not? it's been so long since we've had a ten, i can't even remember when. with temperatures going in the mid 60s today above average for april the second, we're
4:45 am
going to go for it. so ultimate doppler radar picture, nothing to show you here. high pressure in control today. it is really going to be a beautiful day. we don't have any clouds in the sky. so a lot of sunshine, especially early part of the day. this is the system we're watching there in iowa. causing some thunderstorms there, as well. that's a cold front that will be coming through tomorrow. what time? it will probably start with a little bit of rain after midnight. and we'll see maybe few showers at 4:00 a.m. when we are altogether again tomorrow morning. lasting on and off throughout the morning. but that shouldn't be a big deal. little break in the action by 2:00 in the afternoon more rain comes back, evening rush could be really messy for a loft us because of the possibility of heavy downpours, high winds and thunderstorms. maybe about 5:00 p.m. maybe later on in the evening. and even in the overnight hours. you'll get your chance at thunderstorms, for friday. so not perfect but it will be
4:46 am
mild on friday after all of the rain is gone, that is when chillier temperatures moves in saturday morning but i think we'll tide the training off for holiday weekends, we still have temperatures in the 20's out there, it is tough on day like today because if you are going out now and you're out all day you got temperatures in the 20's, need your coat. but later on we're in the mid 60s, and you won't 38 degrees in philadelphia, 37 degrees down in dover winds are calm at the moment, but as that frontal system gets closer, we will see winds picking up today. we could see wind gusts later on of about 30 miles an hour, as we look at the past seven days, a week ago we got to 67 degrees. and today we will be back in the 60s not bad yesterday with the high of 56. little chill in the air. ten out of ten trade off for good friday, probably raining for the start of passover, at sundown, now saturday, we start off with showers, sun in
4:47 am
the afternoon, and eggssiting forecast for easter, every time we look at it, it gets little milder. high of 06 degrees sunday for phillies opening day on monday, mix of sun and clouds, and we will see what happens. we always have the day off after opening day in case there is a rainout for opening day. but i think that rain might arrive on tuesday instead of monday. >> what's the bunny have there, a pinwheel or something like that. >> little toys in your easter basket. >> there you go, looking good. 4:47 waking up up, looking liver downtown philadelphia, where the skyscrapers are all lit up in blue. in honor of world autism awareness day. so if you are coming into center city, liberty one and two lit up with blue, i think some of the lights along boathouse row some of the old buildings, as well, lit up in blue from last night into the early morning hours. and going to the jam cam. i-95 in the ben franklin bridge looking live here, coming up and over the benny from the jersey side into
4:48 am
philadelphia. no problems or delays at all. there is a problem right here. south on 95, as you head in toward philadelphia, down to one lane at girard avenue. these crews will be out until about 5:30 or soy. so be ready to hit the brakes from the betsy on in to girard avenue, there is the skyline, in the background. now, in addition to that work on i-95, there is a left over crew down just past the stadium area, as you head down toward philadelphia international airport, coming up and over that girard point double decker bridge, speaking of philadelphia international airport, 6:00 a.m., there is a work stoppage strike planned hereby the baggage handlers, and the wheelchair assistant. so centered around terminals b, and c, in the departure terminal. so just give yourself extra time. just be aware that that situation is set to get underway 6:00 a.m. may or may not cause any problems for you at all again, you can always check with your airline to play it safe. throughout the day fifth
4:49 am
street tunnel, the funnel that takes you under the ben franklin bridge, basically that stretch of fifth street, will be closed, you'll want to use any of the other odd number streets in and out of the center city throughout the day, until about 2:00 this afternoon. they say they will have it open for the evening rush hour. otherwise mass transit looking good. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. at least four people are dead after oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. flames and smoke shot off the platform forcing hundreds to evacuate nearby of the 16 other were injured, this is a state-owned oil rig in mexico. officials say it did not cause an oil spill out in the sea. mcdonald's plans to raise starting pay more than 10% for 90,000 workers starts july 1st. the starting wages will be at least 1 dollar an hour more than the minimum wage, but here is the catch. the raise only applies to the 1500 mcdonald's own restaurant in the u.s. does not apply to workers at franchise-owned stores which make up about 90% of mcdonald's restaurants.
4:50 am
outraged protesters line duke university wednesday as the college tries to find out who hung a noose on campus. duke university says vicious symbol. told a crowd gathered several thousand gathered that their presence was a rejection of the symbol. officials say the noose found about 2:00 in the morning hung from tree outside the student center. north carolina police say they have since removed the noose made of yellow string. a little further south, 11 former atlanta teachers convicted for participating in a nationwide test cheating scandal. the charges include racketeering, conspiring to inflate standardized test scores teachers, administrators principals, inflated student test scores so they could keep getting bonuses or even keep their jobs. judge demanded the educators be sent to jail immediately causing defense attorneys to lash out. >> this is the most appauling decision i've ever seen. i don't see how you send educators to prison. i just don't see. that will i don't see the county safer because of. that will sad day in fulton county where you have
4:51 am
educators on a prison transport. >> thirty-five educators were indicted in the case. most of them took plea deals. only one of 12 defendants was acquitted. a tragic end for teenager give answer second chance in life at atlanta just two years ago a mid controversy. he got heart transplant. the issue anthony stokes troubled past. his mother argued he shouldn't be penalized for old run in's with police. so he did get his surgery and a newhart, but on tuesday stokes died when he crashed during a police chase. cops were after him after they say he stormed into a house in a home invasion robbery. >> struck a vehicle waiting at the red light and hit a pedestrian, and then eventually struck the pole. >> police say the teenager was also a suspect in a failed burglary and a carjacking. doctors told his mother at the time of his transplant without it he would have died within six to nine month. sheriffs in illinois have released this photo of escaped prisoner cameron taylor.
4:52 am
taylor escaped from jerome combs detention center yesterday. police say he attacked a corrections officer and stole his keys. taylor was in in prison after being convicted of murder. he is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. john lennon's first wife has died. sent thea died of cancer at her home in spain. she was 75. their son julian, announce the the news on his twitter account and website. cynthia and john met in art school in liverpool and married shortly after the beatles shot to fame. marriage concealed to protect his image as teen idol. they divorced in 1968 after john met japanese artist, yoko ono. cynthia was revealed in a book mistreated by john during their marriage. >> still ahead, snoop dog's instagram photo post wag texas state trooper lands the offers nerve hot water. the punishment he's now facing this morning.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
>> 4:55, looking at the airport, i'm heading out there shortly to see what's going on over there. >> popular rapper, during the south, southwest festival, texas trooper billy spears says he was working extra hours when snoop dog asked for a picture. the rapper then posted it on
4:56 am
instagram writing: me and my deputy dog. spears says he was soon called out at work for fratonize g with a known criminal. his lawyer maintains, spears didn't know about snoop's criminal history. >> apparently he sent word down that he wanted billy formerly counseled, as they call t so he was served with papers saying officially he's being chase advertised for it. >> the police department has said supervisors' dale at this doesn't constitute formal discipline. spears' attorneys believes his counsel is being targeted because he turned in another officer last year. 4:56. coming up police looking for robber behind several hold-ups in upper darby. connections between the businesses he's targeting. plus, new jersey senator is due in court today to answer to corruption charges. what he is accused of doing for someone he calls a friend.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> an angry and defiant senator, after being indicted on corruption charges. why he said he did nothing wrong. >> plus an armed robber terrorizing local businesses, shoving a gun at employee's faces and demanding cash. new clue that could help police track him down. >> let's head outside. sue tracking a spring warm up. but a little rain's also on the way.
5:00 am
and controversial new ads now front and center. , here in philadelphia. and drawing all kinds of backlash. why septa has no choice but to keep them up. >> good morning, it is thursday april 2nd, 2015. all right sue serio so we have a ten today here in philly. >> yep. >> our friend, chris murphy, down in florida, with the best picture i've seen on twitter in a long time. he says the weather is amazing, how he describes it to me. >> who cares? we have a ten. he can have his amazing florida weather. >> wake-up call. >> hey chris we've got a ten. oh he would just love that, i think, love hearing from us at this hour. 38 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is cold. but if you can stand it, don't wear the heaviest coat you have. because you won't need it later on. 3-mile an hour wind. now, the winds will be picking up got to warn but that later on 6:44, our sunrise time, philadelphia, and the whole


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